Remote Monitoring, Human Communication Experience

Overall Features

ParkButler is a centralised comprehensive 24-hour remote car park service delivery solution that provides you with an effective and real-time communication with your customers around the clock and providing them service on-demand.

It handles service calls’ ticketing, security, dispute resolution and boom gate operations remotely. Therefore, these tasks no longer require staff, making the system 100% manned-less.

Park Butler allows you to set up your own Customer Care Centre or join a shared call center with the leverage to operate your car park at greatly reduced costs and with minimal staff force.


Optimise staff cost


Handle disputes


Increase efficiency

Auto attendant

Park Butler introduces an innovative auto-attendant feature that ensures a seamless and efficient customer interaction process. This automated system efficiently directs incoming calls, providing customers with relevant information and options, reducing wait times, and enhancing the overall experience. By eliminating the need for manual call routing, businesses can optimize their communication workflows, improving customer satisfaction.

Call recording

With Park Butler’s call recording capability, businesses can maintain comprehensive records of customer interactions. This feature not only serves as a valuable tool for quality assurance and training purposes but also ensures transparency in dispute resolution and security matters. The recorded calls contribute to an enhanced level of accountability, providing a valuable resource for improving services and addressing customer concerns effectively.

Call forwarding

Park Butler empowers businesses with call forwarding options, allowing for the efficient redirection of calls to designated recipients or departments. This feature ensures that customer queries and concerns are promptly directed to the appropriate personnel, fostering a streamlined communication process. Call forwarding enhances responsiveness, minimizes delays, and contributes to a more agile and customer-centric service delivery.

Call queueing

Park Butler’s call queueing functionality enables businesses to manage high call volumes effectively. Incoming calls are systematically organized in a queue, ensuring that each customer receives due attention in a structured and timely manner. This feature not only prevents customer frustration due to long wait times but also contributes to an organized and efficient call handling process, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Analytics & Reporting

The analytics and reporting features of Park Butler provide businesses with valuable insights into call performance, customer interactions, and service trends. Robust analytics enable data-driven decision-making, allowing businesses to identify areas for improvement, optimize service delivery, and align operations with customer expectations. Real-time reporting ensures that businesses stay informed and agile in addressing evolving customer needs.

Automated Workflow & Trouble Shooting SOP

Park Butler streamlines operations with its automated workflow capabilities. The system efficiently manages ticketing, security, dispute resolution, and boom gate operations remotely, eliminating the need for on-site staff. By automating these tasks, businesses achieve a 100% manless system, reducing operational costs and enhancing overall efficiency in car park service delivery.

CRM integrations

Park Butler seamlessly integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, providing businesses with a unified platform for managing customer interactions. This integration enhances the overall customer experience by ensuring that relevant customer data is readily accessible, facilitating personalized interactions, and enabling businesses to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with their clientele.

24/7 Operations

The 24/7 workflow offered by Park Butler ensures continuous and uninterrupted service delivery. With remote management capabilities for ticketing, security, and boom gate operations, businesses can provide around-the-clock support to customers. This not only enhances the accessibility of parking services but also contributes to increased customer satisfaction by offering a reliable and always-available car park solution.

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