Advanced parking management exceed expectations in every way


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Parking Management System by SNATCH

A Compact & Powerful Management System

Snatch offers an end-to-end car park management system, flawless transaction, and cutting edge technology connected through digital devices

Unique Feature

Flawless transaction & cutting edge technology

Robin Parking System


ParkBills is the fully automated system that handles seasonal pass application, termination, refund, reactivation, access control for all your car parks using only one mobile system. Making the management of hundreds or thousands of seasonal passes and accounts seem effortless.


ParkSales provides you with a digital marketplace to sell parking bays with low utilisation. Fill up your bays all day to increase your income. It coordinates all sales transactions and manages parking payment. Data analytics will show you the real-time situation and help you to make informed decisions.


ParkButler is a centralised comprehensive 24-hour remote car park service delivery solution that provides you with an effective and real-time communication with your customers around the clock and providing them service on-demand.


ParkSEMS is an integrated web and mobile based software that coordinates parking systems, equipment repairs and maintenance processes. Now you can keep the parking system and equipment in tip-top condition and extended lifespan. ParkSems shares important maintenance information through automated resource planning.


Transform Parking Management Business

Maximise your cark park value extraction

Zeroized Leakage

Say goodbye to leakages caused by human errors, pilferage and fraud. Precise cashless and digital system tracks all transactions seamlessly, and real-time audit trails can be generated anytime for control and governance.

Cloud Parking

Our new disruptive business model only requires you to pay for what you need - the shared economy model. Snatch redefines parking system and solution ownership with Saas - Software as a Service. Snatch SaaS parking system and cloud solution switches most of the expensive conventional parking equipment to cloud servers and drivers' mobile devices. Processes are simplified, while cash handling and transactions are entirely removed, giving you optimum cost savings.

From Parking Bays To E-Bays

Snatch allows car park operators to identify and translate strategic and high-demand bays into premium booking spots to snatch higher ticket value. Snatch Cheap Parking markets idle empty bays, particularly during off-peak hours, to drivers.

Virtually You

Now every driver can spot your location anytime and anywhere via Snatch Parking, a car park map in Snatch that drives up vehicle volume and improves property footfall effortlessly.

100% Manned-less

Our next-generation system can be fully automated. This removes the necessity for staff to handle cash and ticketing, thereby increasing efficiency while decreasing potential problems associated with mishandling and fraud, generating savings in the long term. Staff can be reassigned to other duties such as maintenance and customer service.


Empowering Merchants

Snatch connects the merchants in your building to the incoming drivers and translates this traffic into greater business revenue.

Operational Simplicity

The management process is simplified by removing 50% of the cash handling management activities from the equation. Simplicity in standard operational processes leads to higher efficiency and effectiveness in car park service delivery, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and property tenants’ retention.


Emergency Alert

Snatch’s security feature - Snatch SOS only requires drivers’ smartphones. You can now remove underutilised Panic Buttons and other security features that come with high cost but low utilisation.


Snatch Park brings you simplicity and efficiency

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Gated Parking

Entry Lane

Drivers can enter using QR code, contactless card or through scanning car license plate

Exit Lane

To exit, drivers scan the code at the exit lane, tap the terminal with Tng / Visa / Master / MyDEBIT or through car license plate

Non-gated Parking

Step 1

Driver enters parking bay.

Step 2

After a set grace period, baylock lifts up to a height preventing rear wheel from departure

Step 3

  • Key in bay no
  •  Parking fee due will be displayed
  • Pay & choose payment option
  • Driver pay through unattended terminal with Touch ‘n GO/ Visa/ Master/ MyDebit Cards or through mobile app e-wallets.
  • Driver may also scan static QR to access web portal payment option

Step 4

Baylock drops, driver may drive away and depart from the bay