Mobile omni pass, for all parking

Overall Features

ParkBills is the fully automated system that handles seasonal pass application, termination, refund, reactivation, access control for all your car parks using only one mobile system. Making the management of hundreds or thousands of seasonal passes and accounts seem effortless.

Monthly Seasonal Passes Management
Accounting Support

 The ParkBills feature from Snatch Park simplifies accounting processes related to monthly passes. The automated system provides accurate and transparent financial records, facilitating precise financial tracking and reporting. This aids in maintaining financial integrity, making auditing processes more straightforward, and ensuring the financial aspect of parking management remains clear and organized.

Customer Behavior Analytics

ParkBills enables businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior by tracking and analyzing patterns related to monthly pass usage. Understanding customer preferences and habits allows for data-driven decision-making, optimizing parking services, and tailoring offerings to meet the evolving needs and expectations of the user base.

Automated Seasonal Pass Account Invoicing

The automated invoicing feature of ParkBills ensures a hassle-free billing process for monthly passes. By automating the generation and delivery of invoices, businesses can enhance efficiency, reduce the likelihood of billing errors, and provide a seamless experience for customers, promoting a positive relationship between the parking facility and its clients.

Simplified Seasonal Pass Inventory Control

Managing a large inventory of season passes becomes effortlessly streamlined with ParkBills. The feature provides a centralized platform for overseeing and organizing season pass inventory, reducing the administrative burden associated with inventory tracking. This ensures that businesses can efficiently allocate and distribute passes while maintaining accurate records.

Access Control For Mobile Omni Pass

ParkBills introduces a heightened level of security and control with its access control of the Mobile Omni Pass. This feature allows for precise management of pass access, ensuring that only authorized users can utilize their mobile passes. The system’s robust access control mechanisms contribute to a secure and well-regulated parking environment, enhancing overall safety and user confidence.

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